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Great Video Explaining How A Vehicle's Differential Works

It's an old documentary- and it explains how it works so well with models and simple examples. I'm left feeling that how-to videos were somehow better before the advent of CGI.

Ultra High Speed Robot Reflexes

There's really something kind of spooky about watching a robot doing something that a human would do, like bounce a ball, only 100 times faster. Brace yourself for the singularity.

Colliding smoke rings produce multiple mini-vortices

Only 11 seconds long- still shows some very neat vortices.

Extreme Vortex Cannon

And while we are on the topic of vortices, check out the Extreme Vortex Canon. Do you think it's possible to knock over a brick "house" with a vapor ring? Find out.

Shooting Clay Pigeons... with a Bow

Here's a neat video of a guy who shoots traps with a bow and arrow- deadly accurate and a lot less noise than a gun. If you like accurate shooting, then you should also check out the incredible "Sling Shot Man"


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Ah, the differential. The concept can be really hard to understand if you can't see it in action, even if you have the sort of visual mind that car people have. Modern differentails are essentially the same, even in front-wheel-drive vehicles. Though many now have a small modification to the design that locks the two wheels together if the difference in speed is too great, making it easier to get around in the snow. And easier to do drifts. Another useful application for the differential is combining inputs, let's say you hook what was one of the outputs to an electic motor and what was the original input to a handcrank, the original second output (which is now the only output) will spin at the combined speed of both the new inputs. I love gears and cogs.
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