designboom's Nissan Challenge: How Would You Beat Urban Parking Problems?

Calling all photoshoppers! Our web pal designboom has just launched a design competition in collaboration with Nissan, called "Think Outside the Parking Box."

Challenge conventional urban parking! playful enhanced parking technology, robotic facilities, safety, dynamic services, green parking ... creative solutions that address urban parking problems, statements of objections, creative-innovative-and-hilarious ideas in form of videos, art- design objects and illustrations can be submitted.

First prize is a cool €5000 euro, so make it good: Link - Thanks Andy Butler! (You know the competition is pretty cool when designboom actually uses capital letters ...)

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Hey, great idea for the world crisis: we don't pay any employees to have the ideas, instead give 2 month pay in prizes and let anyone do it for free.
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A number of solutions.

1.Peripheral urban parking, such as on old industrial lands. Use mass transit or an NEV to move between the downtown work core and parking zones.

2. Bring more jobs outside of the downtown, requiring less people to be transported there. The less dense commercial parks would be easier to find parking at, especially of the land is company owned or leased, where downtown it is often municipal or owned/managed by a 3rd party parking company unrelated to the employer.

3. Bring more workers and living amenities nearer downtown, where they can commute with mass transit, an NEV, or walk/cycle.
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Yeah, I agree. Toronto is trying to do that, but people just get all pissy that they can't drive from their suburban homes into the city. Personaly, I can stand driving downtown and would rather subway it down, it's much more convinent. It's taken long enough but now they have finaly started production of extending the subway more north (which should be done in 20 years, but it should have been started 10 years ago) and adding light rail transit which should be available in the next 5-10 years. Toronto is not a driving city, and people complain about it but if they were more accomedated the problem will just get worse.
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