3D Projections on Buildings

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NuFormer is a company in the Netherlands that creates amazing, 3D projection displays on buildings. Basically they manage to sync up the projected image with the building just so, and then they can make it look the building is collapsing, like water is flooding down the roof, like ghostly lights are dancing in the windows or twirling around the columns.

I've honestly never seen anything like it, and I hope I can see it in person sometime. (The goofy pop music in the clip does detract from the cool factor a bit, though.)

- via monstersandrockets

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Oh and another thing:

"The goofy pop music in the clip does detract from the cool factor a bit, though."

... I know, my next suggestion is very over the top, far-fetched, and perhaps even nerdish or geeky- ...But there is this possibility that in fact can by accomplished at least 2 ways - I nearly dare not say this here:

...... ...Turn down the volume while looking at that clip.......?

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Funny- I know the buildings that are used in this clip- Old townhall Middelburg-Zeeland-Netherlands and church Zierikzee-Zeeland-Netherlands. Ironic is that that townhall was completely destroyed by bombing in WW2. So now they recreated that effect.

But it does look as if it is only a digital rendering and not actual projection.
Nevertheless it looks great- Making a building collapse like that with the appropriate sound-effects should make a nice April-Fools-Day joke. :-)
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the technique they used is called projection mapping. Here in Italy we have a great visual artist that uses it, and that I had the luck to work with that is called Claudio Sinatti
Other great users of this technique are Exyzt and AntiVJ
If you are interested in these kind of work you should definitely check them online
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