Strangers Save Family from Burning Car

(CNN video link)

This intense video was shot as a group of neighbors and passers-by rescued a mother and her two children from their burning SUV in Milwaukee. The mother and baby daughter were brought out first, but the son was trapped. Two off-duty firefighters, John Rechlitz and Joel Rechlitz, as well as off-duty police officer Mark Wroblewski went to work to extract 4-year-old D.J. Harper as the back of the car burned fiercely. D.J. suffered second and third degree burns, but is expected to make a full recovery. Link -via I Am Bored

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How can anyone have anything snarky to say about any of the people in this video? What I saw was a crowd of people wanting very badly to save the lives of strangers.

The firemen did it because they KNEW what to do, and were fittest to perfom, but I believe, from watching this video, that any one of those people, any one of YOU, would have tried their hardest to do what the firemen did if there were no one else. They weren't fat loud stupid losers. They were scared and wanting to help.

This video is a praise of humanity.
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Wow, a lot of people on the scene apparently thought "helping" meant wandering around to get a better look and shouting "Call 911! Save him!"

This is why heroes get our respect. They don't stand around waving their hands helplessly, shouting for somebody to help. They take action immediately.
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Im guessing that they are all neighbours and know who the firefighters are. Also I think I heard them telling people to get back a couple times. Im sure a lot of those running around pointlessly wanted to help but werent sure what to do.
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We're only human.

It's an amazing footage, very rare to have all those people gathered and someone videotaping it. I'm just glad everyone's okay.
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