World's Cheapest Car Goes On Sale

The world's cheapest car is set to go on sale in India as the first customer receives the key to the vehicle, handed to him personally by the chairman of the car company.

The Tata Nano, created by Tata Motors costs only 123,360 rupees ($2,531), with upgrades such as air conditioning and cup holders available for up to $3,536 more. The Nano is set to revolutionize the transport industry in India.

From the 203,000 people who pre-ordered the Nano, 100,000 of them were selected from a ballot to be the first to get their hands on the car.

With an engine of just 624 cubic centimeters, it is smaller than those found in motorcycles and has been compared to the European Smart Car and the Volkswagen Beetle.

The vehicle is set to come to the U.S. in two years...Just in time for us to be out of the recession?

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Nano may work in warm, snow free, climates, but here in Canada we need to burn more fuel just to keep window frost clear! Small engines bog down in snow, small wheels lose traction, and small interiors do not accommodate Winter Parkas, and heavy lined pants! Great cars for their intended purpose, but don't expect sales to soar in Canada, just the snow drifts on a Winter's road would be deadly for us! We already have snow sleds, with no bodies to speak of and tracks instead of wheels, just to get through sme snow storms, Nano's may do well in summertime, spring and fall, but winter here? Forget it!
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Used to have a Honda CRX and loved it, but here in Texas, there are too many bad drivers piloting huge vehicles. A fender-bender for a big truck is a fatality in a small car.
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Driving small frail cars, in my experience, makes you a very much more careful driver. Although I tend to have large estate cars now, I spent much of my youth in things like Fiat 126s or Minis/Austin 1100/Allegros. IT makes you very careful indeed! I've not made an insurance claim for over twenty years, which is probably getting on for 300,000 miles.
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When there are fast, reliable subway systems up into the mountains and wilderness near my house (gods forbid!), then I'll take the subway. Until then, I'll opt for the most fuel-efficient and convenient vehicle I can get.
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