Solar Glass Could Save Energy and Improve Your View

Now that the summer months are upon us, keeping cool and saving our energy is a top priority. An Australian research group is working towards producing new solar cell windows that will harness energy from the sun and reduce the need for air conditioning. The windows are completely see through but have a slight pinkish hue. Professor John Bell imagines entire houses being built out of varying shades of the glass. Could you stand waking up to a pink sky if it meant you were saving money and the environment?

"The solar cells contain titanium dioxide coated in a dye that increases light absorption... The glass captures solar energy which can be used to power the house but can also reduce overheating of the house, reducing the need for cooling."

Link - via sciencedaily

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Solar Illuminations (a ‘green’ corporation who has its headquarters in Florida) are likely to be offering solar powered glass panels in 2010. Basically they will look no different than a regular piece of glass and can be tinted various shades too. From inside and outside the building it looks like regular glass. However, the great feature is that the glass is actually a solar panel and will therefore create electricity. Imagine a tall building, fitted with hundreds of solar glass panels. Then, imagine one, two or three entire sides of the building using this solar glass. There is a huge potential to capture a large amounts of energy, hundreds of kilowatts! That energy can be used to supply power within the building, or put back into the grid and sold to the electric company, or a combination of the two. Amazing? Well, that is what Solar Illuminations is all about. They are taking solar energy one step further! Not only will this new, patented technology be available for new construction but also for retro-fitting both commercial and residential properties.
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Just because it is glass doen't mean you have to live in a green house.

If it reflects heat away as well as absorbing/converting it to power then cover your roof in it too, it'll still do it's regardless.

Interesting idea though, and especially for Oz, where they invented hot.
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"Solar Glass Could Save Energy and Improve Your View"

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