"Magnetic Dance" of Paperclips on Trains

The next time you ride a train, spill some paperclips on the floor and see if they do the "magnetic dance". According to Pink Tentacle:

The video — shot on the Rokko Liner in Kobe, Japan — shows how paperclips stand on end when the train accelerates and brakes. The magnetism, which is produced by the electric current that drives the motors located under the floor, apparently poses no harm to the human body, though it could damage credit cards, mobile phones, or other electronic devices if left on the floor.

Link | YouTube Link (from Kobe Shinbun)

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I knew a guy who worked for a video company in London.

His first day, he had to take some videos across town on the Tube. He put them on the floor. When he got to the other end they'd been pretty much wiped.

Apparently he'd have been fine if he'd done it in the middle of the carriage, not the end. They let him keep the job.
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This is probably a dumb question, but does it work with domestic trains, or does it have to be a specific class not found in the USA? I'll try it next time I take the metro in D.C.
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