Carrot Bomb: World's Most Dangerous Art?

You may say that modern art is silly, but some may prove to be downright dangerous in this post 9/11 world. Take the Bunny Project, an performance art by Conny Blom where he goes around town putting together a suspicious looking object shaped like a bomb. A carrot bomb, to be precies:

Performance commissioned by Kalmar Museum of Art, Sweden. During the inauguration of the new art museum in Kalmar a suspicious individual sneaked around the premises mounting sculptures made of carrots, alarm clocks, red and blue cables, metal wire and tape. On direct orders from the Swedish secret police the performance was stopped since the Culture Minister refused to give her inaugural speech if it were to continue. The speech , as it later turned out, was about how art must be allowed to be free and provocative.


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I love how the first comments were largely people pissed off. So glad to see these "moral crusaders" busily patrolling the internet calling people stupid. Thank goodness you were here to tell us what to think. I might have been inclined to make my own opinion otherwise...
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Pretty narrow definitions of art I'm hearing today. People sometimes seem to forget that art isn't necessarily beautiful, nor does it need to be safely tucked away in a museum. One of the biggest components of art is how it communicates with the viewer, how it makes them think or feel. I believe that the creator in this had something to express, and his actions certainly seem to be generating the expected responses. Why do people respond these ways? Are these the best responses? What does this say about our world?

And for those who would say, "it's not art, I could do that": great! Go out, make art! We need more creative people out there, challenging the status quo and getting people out of their normal thinking patterns. Ars gratia artis.
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I can't really imagine a single safety protocol that would prevent someone from the general public calling the local PD about a bomb threat. The artist could have erected large signs explaining that he was commissioned by the museum to install his art, that it was simply made of carrots and not to be frightened in the least but to enjoy his twist on artistic expression, and people still would have bellyached.
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