8 Moon Landing Myths Busted

National Geographic takes on conspiracy theorists over the Apollo moon landing. Each accusation is countered by spaceflight historian Roger Launius of the Smithsonian Institution or astronomer Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy Blog.
You can tell Apollo was faked because ... only two astronauts walked on the moon at a time, yet in photographs such as this one where both are visible, there is no sign of a camera. So who took the picture?

The fact of the matter is ... the cameras were mounted to the astronauts' chests, said astronomer Phil Plait, author of the award-winning blog Bad Astronomy and president of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

In the picture above, Plait notes, "you can see [Neil's] arms are sort of at his chest. That's where the camera is. He wasn't holding it up to his visor."


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D Bozko:

"The pictures bother me since the cameras are attached
to the chest of the spacesuit and the astronaut can’t see where it’s aimed. Try taking pictures that way and look at your results. Are your pictures centered? In focus?"

Uhmm, yes? There is a lot of photographers that regulary shoot this way as a style. Off course the astronauts had a lot of immense training to shoot with their equipment and in this way. And off course they would shoot some pics off center or not focused, but imagine all the pics they did they and then had to choose from when releasing to the media, of course they choose the best ones.
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Xinavera its no use.

They will always believe what they believe.
This won't even help which just came out.


They will just say the photos were touched up by NASA
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