How Do You Pronounce Psi?

Brown Sharpie is an excellent mathematical cartoon series by Courtney Gibbons - it's like xkcd, but much brainier ;) This one above is a classic about how to pronounce the Greek letter psi: Link

And by the way, my graduate thesis was on a yeast prion called PSI+, and I say "psigh" which would make me tainted by a pretentious physicist.

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Hey! Thanks for linking to my rinky-dink little comic (and I agree with Video Game Dork's assessment--math puns, illustrated, are my shtick).

P-sigh, huh? Maybe I should have added an option for folks who have had their brains addled by idiosyncratically folded-up yeast proteins. (Eww, biology! ;) )

My personal favorite is my pal who pronounces it "Siiigh" preceded with a really deep breath. She always manages to sound so depressed about it. I guess she's sad we already used up phi (pronounced "fee," damn it!).
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i've never even heard 'psigh' pronounced! It seems akward to say.

Also, saying a comic to be 'much brainer' than xkcd is a big claim! (Granted, an illustrated physics manual could be considered 'brainer', but if it's not funny, it's not really a 'brainy comic').
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I say, "psigh" as well. I have a degree in Biblical Studies, where I studied a few semesters of Koine Greek. That's how we pronounced it :).

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