Storage Barn by Gray and Organschi Architecture

This ain't your father's backyard shed - take a look at Storage Barn, a workshop and storage facility designed by Elizabeth Gray and Alan Organschi of the firm Gray and Organschi Architecture. The spatial arrangement of the storage area around the outside of the building gives it a fascinating texture:

The building serves as a dimensionally economical and energy efficient storage rack for heavy materials, in which tightly packed and palletized stone and wood are stored in a flexible external shelving system that allows access to any pallet in any position on the rack without disturbing others around it.

Link - via Dinosaurs and Robots

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This is great, but I believe the cost of hiring an architect to design a simple structure like this would outweigh any benefits. There are plenty of prefab storage building kits that could be modified to accomplish the same thing.
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And most useful of all is that all of the stuff you store is right out where anyone can come and steal it.

But then what sort of thief would steal all that wet and warped lumber?

Storing what appears to be dressed timber ... outside?

As a farmer mate of mine once said, "people round here would steal the steam off your p*ss"
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Ooh, someone doesn't know their shelvings. That, my friend, is WAY more than $100 shelvings from Home Depot. Trust me, I've had to retrofit our warehouse and heavy duty shelvings are so expensive they must be made from gold or something.
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why would someone hire an architect for a storage shed? and ya, like Vonskippy said, it's just a flat roof with some $100 dollar shelves from home depot around the edges... some ppl have way too much time and money.
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