Three Amazing Stories of Survivals

When it's not their time to go, it's not their time to go - regardless of what some people did, they just wouldn't die. Jumping out of a 5th story apartment, getting hit by lightnings not once, not twice but seven times, or sticking a head inside a particle accelerator didn't kill them.

Here's three amazing stories of survival, of people who cheated certain deaths in the course of their lives. Take, for instance, Roy Sullivan, the guy who's been hit by lightning 7 times:

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Tell that to Roy Sullivan, who was struck a total of Seven Times In his life.

He was struck in 1942, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1976 and 1977. Supposedly, he developed a case of paranoia after the third time and became convinced a higher power was out to get him. Mind you, considering the odds of being struck by lightning ONCE in 80 years are 576,000 to one, and the odds of being struck by lightning seven times are 10^25 to one, can you blame him?

Strangely it was not the lightning that killed him. He killed himself over unrequited love.

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I liked the particle accelerator story the most. I can't imagine that's happened very often ( at least that we hear about ). Is it too late for a complimentary "Hadron Collider Survival" shirt for the guy ?
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It always aggravates me when stories about people being hit multiple times by lightning say, for example " lightning never strikes the same place twice. Tell that to Roy Sullivan " the go on to enumerate the many times he has been struck EACH TIME IN A DIFFERENT PLACE! The lightning has struck the same PERSON multiple times but not the same PLACE. The saying is therefore not disproved by this example.
It is disproved of course by lightning conductors etc which are obviously hit multiple times.
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My seventh grade science teacher (former park ranger) worked with the guy who got struck by lightning seven times. that must have been an interesting job
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