Forked Dog

A chihuahua named Smokey wandered around with a fork stuck deep in his head for three days!
A handle broke off a grilling fork and flew right into his head at a family party in Kentucky.

Smokey then ran off into the woods and was lost for three days before being rescued. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

Vets took just thirty seconds to remove the lodged barbecue fork in Smokey's brain.

The dog is expected to make a full recovery. Link -via Arbroath

I don't believe for a moment that a fork, of all things, could accidentally get lodged in a dog's skull like that. This is a clear case of animal abuse.
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Kal that is so wrong, funny, but wrong :D

Poor pup. Im skeptical but strange accidents happen so Im not automatically jumping to the animal abuse conclusion. Why would you take him to the vet if you did this on purpose?
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Sounds bogus.
No, I just can't fathom this.

Maybe the person who did it is not the one in the family who took him to the vet.
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However, it seems like it would be somewhat tricky to actually manage to fork a chihuahua in the head on purpose. They are small and rather mobile. Humans have bigger heads and stay still better.
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Oh my god!! That picture is incredibly disturbing... would have been nice to not include it right in the RSS feed, I almost choked!!

Crazy story, though; did the dog have any brain damage??
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It was lost in the woods for a few day. I have to admit, that would be a VERY strange site to randomly see. You are out in the woods for one reason or an other and behind some bushes you see a fork handle at shin level moving towards you! Then, it comes around from cover and its a chihuahua with a fork in it, who scampers away. Truely a WTF moment (if only someone saw it).
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I'm sorry to see everyone is so negative on the dog because of its breed. I guess it's ok when bad things happen to some things (or people??)...
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Actually, it's quite easy to put something through many chihuahua's skulls, because the soft spot on top of their heads never closes (you know, the one human babies are born with). They've been killed by something as small as a pinecone hitting the top of their head. By the way, I'm a vet.
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An uncle of mine once stuck a pick-axe through his dog's skull (dog was running through while he was digging a hole in the backyard, completely unintentional). He assumed it was dead until he went back a few hours later and found it alive. It's still around to this day with a big knot on its scalp. The dog is also a tripod (wasn't born that way) and has survived a couple of encounters with cars, so I don't have any trouble believing that a chihuahua survived a forking.
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first of all who the hell is the owner of the puppy n how the hell did the puppy get lost for three days n why cunt u find it for three days or is he from amazon forest ,my god no want should do such kind of horrible thing to a animal ,
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