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United Breaks Guitars

(YouTube link)

When Dave Carroll and his band Sons of Maxwell wanted to complain about the way United Airlines handled their guitars, they tried going through the proper channels. A year later and no resolution, there's nothing else to do but write a song about it. There's also a text version with all the details. Since this video was released Monday, United Airlines has changed its tune and wants to talk to Dave Carroll about his guitar, and has scheduled a call to him today. Link -via Digg

Brilliant! The song and video were beautifully done and from the sound of it, they were effective too! Hopefully United will be shamed into doing what they should have done to begin with.

I'm definitely showing this video to my husband when he gets home from his Northwest airlines flight!

"Hey honey, you remember the way you looked at me when I said you should pack everything like you *KNOW* it's going to be thrown around and the baggage manglers will be jumping up and down on it?"

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Faced with bad viral publicity, United is now "trying to make it right"

I've flown United many times, and in the past several years, their service had gotten a lot worse. Bad as they are, United is still better than American Airlines, the only airline I refuse to fly (after a couple of very bad experiences) even if they pay me.
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FANTASTIC! Very well-made song and video, about time people started complaining in a more visible way about airlines and their stupid mishandling of luggage. Congrats Dave Carroll!
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Update for you:

“This has struck a chord with us, and we’ve contacted him directly to make it right,” said Robin Urbanski, a spokeswoman for United. (Urbanski also said she “loved” the video.)
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ha ha ha. that blows. united also broke my guitar years ago (not nearly as an expensive guitar mind you) and totally gave me the shaft as well. and really, i am not surprised the airlines are failing. their customer service has been non-existent for YEARS.
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I work for an air-freight company out of Columbia SC that handles freight for UPS, Delta Forward Aire and many others. I have seen things that would make your head turn like Linda Blair's!! This is nothing short of Genius, finally forcing Those That Matter to realize that their service SUCKS!! I personally wouldn't ship a brick with ANY airline for fear I would get a bucket of sand at the Destination, if it ever gets there.

The fact that they are just now willing to pay for what they destroyed shows how little they care for the people that keep them in business. And I am sure their CEO makes multi-millions every year to destroy our belongings, or to ship them to God only knows where or when we will ever see them again.

Free Tibet
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Always bring your guitar as a carry-on. If it doesn't fit in the overhead it will fit in the closet in the front or an attendant will hand carry it to the cargo. Learned that the hard way. Luckily I had an ATA flight certified case so the damage was only to that but it looked like a fist went through it.
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Oh, I do so hate United. I made a promise to myself a couple years ago never to fly on that airline again.

It probably had something to do with the obnoxious stewardesses in faded uniforms barking commands at the passengers. Who pays money for that?
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Completely Daft that one needs to make a song and to put it on the internet before a company accepts your existance. This guy is capable of doing that- I and most of the people I know wouldn't even know where to begin.

United should feel deeply ashamed that they never took this guys claim serious AND they should feel totally ashamed that they only after this release came to react.
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kinda of like that song by tom paxton about republic airlines
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I worked at Taylor back in the early 90's and back then their cases were extremely durable. Either they have relaxed their standards or a baggage trolley ran it over, because throwing one of the old cases around wouldn't damage anything more than the tarmac it landed on.
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I just flew United and when I got home found that someone had stolen 6 bottles of wine out of a 12 bottle case I had checked. Now I'm getting the runaround. United blows!!
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I heard this story on our local radio station this morning. After getting the final "no", Dave actually threatened to write a trilogy of songs about the incident. Since this is only song #1, songs 2 and 3 should have more follow-up as to what United intends to do about replacing his guitar. Very entertaining...
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Try Dallas Fort Worth American Airlines! Their baggage handling wrecked my brand new luggage the second time through.
Also had to carry fragile test equipment which cost $8,000:00 per repair. Each trip ` It must go in the hold' ; After the first ` incident' simply told the agent to sign a consent to pay total damages if it was broken in the hold; they always declined and decided I could take it in the cabin after all !
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If his touring career doesn't work out maybe he should take requests for other complaint videos and create a cottage business out of it - Dave C if you're reading this I have a gripe with Direct TV!
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Here's a tribute we put together (as a company team effort) in response and in support of all the David Carrolls of the world. - - Enjoy!
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I love the video and the song, United Breaks Guitars but do you think it will make any difference? I certainly hope so and I hope the Sons of Maxwell get their big break musically as a result.
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I loved it! Gave me an idea for Homewood Suites, the city of San Antonio, Texas, and Hilton Honors! He should make a little side business out of this. He proved that consumers have the power to show companies who pays their bills!
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As a brit, found this song and thread hugely entertaining. Song is great. costumes great, words great. One thread said about how dowdy some stewardess look on AA, have you checked Delta out recently????
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You're comments would be accurate BUT:

Flight Attendants WON'T carry your guitar by hand to the cargo area. Federal Regulations require them to remain on board WITH the passengers in case of an emergency (ground time is the most dangerous time for an aircraft).

If it doesn't fit in the overhead compartment, DON'T expect anyone to put it in the "Closet". Many planes don't have one. No you can't lean it against the wall....and if you do see a's only rated for a specified weight allowance. Many airlines also restrict it's use to First/Business Class passengers.

You're comment rates (for accuracy) right up there with those Glad commercials where they show a Flight Attendant heating up something in a microwave. You won't EVER find one of those onboard an airplane bring your own zip lock baggies.
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It's a great video and a catchy song, but I have been wondering why Dave Carroll didn't simply claim against his flight/travel insurance or his musical instruments policy. My daughter is a professional classical musician who frequently travels with a $14,000 flute and a $30,000 concert harp, and the sort of damage incurred to Dave's guitar would be covered by a standard musical instruments policy. It doesn't excuse shoddy baggage-handling, but is it usual to travel without insurance in North America?
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