Eternal Moonwalk

This Michael Jackson tribute features hundreds of people from all over the world (and some animals and objects) attempting to recreate the Moonwalk. Most don't quite succeed, but I have to admit I spent more time than I should have watching them. -via Metafilter

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Really, Woogie? Jordan Chandler claimed to have been molested while under the influence of dental anesthetic drugs that were given to him by his father. Michael Jackson's civil trial was settled out of court BY HIS INSURANCE COMPANY, and his criminal trial never went to court due to lack of evidence. Plus, molesters can't stop themselves. They don't just molest 2 kids and then stop. The accusations were all about greedy parents using their kids to get money.
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The chandler kid was f in lyin. I don't even think he has cancer he admitted the whole think was a scam. Google it. But of course noone wants to talk about that. He described his genitals. Hell he had vitiligo. I can do that. Lemme guess patchy discoloration with a big shaft and big balls cuz he is DA MAN and some gray hairs cuz he is 50. How did I do? You should kno woogie can you are on his nizutz
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Omg woogie the chandler kid was LYING he admitted it. Google it but of course noone wants to have that on the news. He described his private parts um lets see discolored with two balls and a shaft, gray/black hair. Hell how did I do? He had vitiligo. Hell anyone can describe it Research it. Who is the sheep baaaa.
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Linden Lab employees in avatar form from virtual world Second Life had fun with this. We're one of the few non-flesh-and-blood humans to pay our respects...
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"Eternal Moonwalk"

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