12 Television Characters We Never See (Even Though They Were On TV)

From Seinfeld to Inspector Gadget, there have been many unseen characters interspersed throughout television series. Their importance to the plots and messages of these shows have been undeniably considerable.

Since Samuel Beckett's "Waiting For Godot," the characters we don't see have been far more powerful than the ones we do. We've never seen Waiting For Godot and never go to the theater, so we looked at Wilson, Nanny, and 10 other TV personalities everyone knows, but nobody recognizes.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by CheeseDuck.

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This might be opening a can of worms but I say we never saw Robin Masters on "Magnum P.I.". Sure the writers threw in a lame, Jonathan Higgins was actually Robin Masters, but if you watched the whole series this never made sense. There were too many plot points over the years that don't fit into this scenario like guests of Masters that came to Robin's Nest yet didn't react to Higgins. I tjink the writers just wanted to tie things up to end the series. Of course there's always the chance I'm completely off base but I'm sticking to my theory.
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seekshelter - That was a terrible, terrible thing to do to your sister. I wish I had one to do the same thing to.

What about "Big Face Girl" from Wings?
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Ditto Miss Cellania. That list is utterly incomplete without Carlton the Doorman. Although I didn't expect her to make the list, Juanita the waitress from The Andy Griffith Show has got to get some special mention.
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