A Dinosaur Named Banjo

Three new species of diniosaur have been found in the Australian outback. Two plant-eating species were nicknamed "Clancy" and "Matilda". The third dinosaur is a carnivore dubbed Australovenator Wintonensis, but nicknamed Banjo.
The meat-eating Banjo has been dubbed Australia's answer to the feared Velociraptor.

“The cheetah of his time, Banjo was light and agile,” said Queensland Museum paleantologist Scott Hocknull, who is among the scientists being credited with the discoveries.

“He could run down most prey with ease over open ground. His most distinguishing feature was three large slashing claws on each hand. Unlike some theropods that have small arms (think T. rex), Banjo was different; his arms were a primary weapon.

“He’s Australia's answer to velociraptor, but many times bigger and more terrifying.”

The bones will eventually go on display to the public. Link -via Fark

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banjo, as in Australia's national poet Banjo Patterson

Who wrote Clancy of The Overflow


and of course

Waltzing Matilda.


The names of the other 2 dinosaurs.

God I love Australia.
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