World’s Most Interesting and Dangerous Raceways

Ever since the dawn of civilization, humans have had the need for speed. Indeed, raceways have been in existence for just about as long as we have cars, and although you may have
never found yourself in the middle of a Formula 1 competition, I'm sure
you've experienced the  taste of racing in some form or another.

Perhaps our interests in speeding things are the result of an early childhood training. Take, for instance, Disney's Autopia:

In 1955, Autopia was an example of the multilane limited-access highways which were still being developed. Before the park initially opened, the cars were tested without their rubberized bumpers. This is course resulted in some major collisions, although that was the fun part of the initial test drive. The cars at Autopia were eventually fashioned with rubber bumpers, and a guard rail was put in place to discourage reckless driving. What’s the fun in that!

Over the years, Autopia was updated using the very latest is fashionable vehicles including a 1967 Corvette

Stingray, a Volkswagen Bug, “Dusty, an off-road style car; Sparky, a sports car; and Suzy. Each was designed to be tied into the Chevron line of animated ‘Chevron Cars‘, and 4 versions of the Autopia cars were sold as toys during the 2000 summer season at Chevron stations nationwide.”

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by lannaxe96.

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"World’s Most Interesting and Dangerous Raceways"

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