Neatorama Update: Environmental Graffiti Interview and Twitter

Environmental Graffiti Interview

Karl Fabricius of Environmental Graffiti has just posted an interview with me about Neatorama and how the blog came to be. Actually it's a story I've never told anyone online - so it's a neat exclusive for Environmental Graffiti. Here's the interview: Link - Thanks Karl, that was a treat!

Neatorama on Twitter!

A while ago, I posted about Neatorama's account on Twitter. Long story short, we got the account @neatorama back amicably from a fan (Thanks Mike!) ... and now am wondering what we should do with it.

Should we continue displaying Neatorama's posts (using Twitterfeed?) or should we do Twitter only content (like mini-posts)? Or both? What do you think?

The only thing we've decided so far is that we should do twitter-only contests - so if you're on Twitter, here's Neatorama Twitter page: Link

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Ahhh ya lost me on the Twit er.

It's a banal and ignorant place to be. More a flame game than the old yahoo chat rooms. Really alex, please reconsider. Twitter is for twats.
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I think neatorama is best in its current format. I am always eager to look at the latest posts every day, or a few times a day. That said, I don't want to have to look in two places. Please don't post exclusives on twitter. I can see how a time dependent contest would be well served by twitter, but other than that, I don't see much of a point.

To be fair, I dislike twitter very much. I'm all for technological progress, being 22 and all, but there are various things about twitter that rub me the wrong way.
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I'm leaning toward Twitter-only content - it doesn't make much sense to me just to run the feed through Twitter, though that has been the way it was set-up before we got the account officially.

I think a combo of Twitter-only content and Neatorama exclusives/particularly good posts is the way to go.
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