Wikipedia as a Book

What would Wikipedia look like if it were printed out as a traditional encyclopedia? Rob Matthews decided to make it his art project: behold, the 5,000 pages of Wikipedia (featured articles only, mind you) in book form: Link
- via Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival

This work is probably more profound to those who remember using encyclopedias and libraries... not you iPod toting whipper snappers.
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The artist does make an excellent point, though, in that the fluidity of Wikipedia, while one of its strengths, is also one of Wikipedia's greatest weaknesses.

The entries of Wikipedia ebb and flow with popular opinion, while a book, once printed, is not subject to the whims of fashion, political correctness, and changing social mores.
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Art project? Any art teacher that falls for that is a complete idiot. That kind of stuff reminds of Daniel Clowes' excellent "Art School Confidential" comic (also adapted into a movie).
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WOW, I always wondered about this. But was worried about the saving the trees thing. Just a couple of days My friends were into planting medicinal plants all over the place and in necessary areas where there are no hospitals..
Wonder if there's a DVD or HDD for Wikipedia. Any ideas where I can find one??
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It's sort of an interesting concept (digital-only encyclopedia in print), but I can't help but wonder why he didn't put it in separate volumes. Surely even the cost of binding would have been cheaper that way, as well.
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