Archive for June 21st, 2009

Fingerprints Do Not Improve Grip

A study by biomechanicist (apparently, there's such a thing) Roland Ennos and Peter Warman of the University of Manchester, UK, has just blown away decades of conventional knowledge: fingerprints do not increase our grip...

Cats Aren't That Clever After All

As if that fingerprint thing wasn't enough, here's another earth-shattering study - for cat lovers anyhow: psychologist Britta Osthaus of Canterbury Christ Church University has proven that cats aren't as smart as their...

Wikipedia as a Book

What would Wikipedia look like if it were printed out as a traditional encyclopedia? Rob Matthews decided to make it his art project: behold, the 5,000 pages of Wikipedia (featured articles only, mind you) in book form:...

What's Wrong With This Photo?

Photo: Vernon Bryant / Dallas Morning NewsThe photo above, taken by Vernon Bryant for Dallas Morning News, depicts the bravery of Dallas Fire-Rescue officials warning residents of West Dallas of flooding (and if necessar...


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