The Texas jaguarundi is a small endangered wildcat that lives along the border between Texas and Mexico. The jaguarundi was put on the federal endangered species list in 1976, but the Department of the Interior has never formulated a plan to protect the cat, as required under the Endangered Species Act.
Two types of the endangered species call south Texas their home, the Gulf Coast jaguarundi and the Sinaloan jaguarundi. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, they are larger than a domestic cat and have small ears, long, narrow bodies with short legs and flattened heads and tails. They generally look more like an otter or a weasel than a cat. They make their homes, according to the lawsuit, in the "dense thorny mesquite, cacti and cat claw thickets of southern Texas."

One commenter said the jaguarundi looks like a cross between a cat and a mossy tree. Link -via Digg

(image credit: blueskull611)

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tuve la oportunidad de ver un jaguarundi en nov 28 2008 en la sierra madre cerca de muzquiz coahuila mexico la hora ,la posicion,las condiciones climaticas me fueron favorables para verlo por mas de 5 minutos experiencia inolvidable para compartirla
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fact,do you know cats enjoy chopping down on bugs including your favor cockroaches.fact do you know that there are more cats lovers than dog lovers.Hey guys,the most important thing that you need to know is that "We can't save them all".listen up my fellow readers.many species will come and go,even by the hands of humans or nature;so be honest with yourself how can you stop that,even after you gone.remember,we are the new dinosuar of this age and we're next.I'm beakmen and I say,enjoy it while you still can.
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fact,do you know cats enjoys chopping down on bugs including your favor cockroaches;just for the protien alone.fact there is more cats lovers than dog lovers.Hey guys.The most important thing that the human species need to know is that"We can't save them all".remember fellows,we are the new dinosuar and we are for thougth.many species have came and gone even by the condition of humans or by nature.So, do you really know how many species,have came and gone.I,m Beakmen and I say enjoy while you can.
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Wow vonskippy, I was wondering when you'd mention that it was the animal's home first and that humans ran them out, or that we're responsible, we should clean up the mess, but I guess you forgot.
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