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Most Awkward Chair Promo Ever

You know, this looks like a great chair - but do they have to focus so much on the benefits to the groin area? I don't think I'll be taking my underwear advice from them either.

Ice Circle - Extremely rare cold-weather phenomenon

A rare phenomenon usually only seen in extremely cold countries, scientists generally accept that Ice Circles are formed when surface ice gathers in the center of a body of water rather than the edges.

Quick-Peel An Egg

You might think you know how to peel an egg quickly, there are certainly a few techniques- but I've never seen one this fast. Save 4 years of your life.

Float plane takes off, almost hits guy filming, then crashes

De Havilland Beaver plane crash at Lake Hood in Anchorage AK, on June 7, 2009, apparently caused by a strong wind gust. None of the family of four and two dogs aboard were hurt.




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I don't think I'll be eating any eggs the chef's blown on, thanks.

That's as awkward as watching someone's genitals relaxing in the chair.
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I love boiled eggs. I also have asthma. Thus, the trick of peeling eggs so quickly works about as well for me as blowing up balloons; i.e., not at all. I'd have my husband do it, but he hates eggs!
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Foreigner1 I would love to have seen a video of this happening. :)

Oh, the plane video was insanity. If I was the camera man I would be hoofing it if I saw the plane getting that close to me.

Extreme rice...must make myself some...soon.
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