Baby Armadillos

A litter of four baby armadillos have been taken in by environmental activist Kamilo Lara after their mother was killed by poachers in Nicaragua. When the pictures in this article were taken, they were a mere four days old.
When they are old enough - in about two months' time - Mr Lara will release them back into the wild.

The tiny creatures, who are being bottle-fed, are Common Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), an endangered species, and were found and rescued by Mr Lara of environmental organisation Alerta Mundial (World Alert).

Mr Lara eventually wants to create a rescue centre that will focus on restoring the natural habitat of the armadillos and other at-risk creatures.

Link -via Unique Daily

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The are not endangered. From Wikipedia:

"The nine-banded armadillo [Dasypus novemcinctus] has been rapidly expanding its range both north and east within the United States."

"The primary cause of this rapid expansion is explained simply by the existence of few or no natural predators of the armadillo within the United States, little desire on the part of Americans to hunt or eat the armadillo, and the animal's high reproductive rate."

"It is speculated that the northern expansion of the armadillo will continue until the species reaches as far north as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and all points southward on the East Coast of the United States."

"Outside the United States, the nine-banded armadillo ranges southward through Central and South America into northern Argentina and Uruguay, where it is still expanding its range."
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I recently moved from Orlando to a very small town in Missouri.

It seemed that run over armas have replaced mile markers.
It was sad but in a twisted way, quite funny at the same time.
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Wow.... some very heartless people it seems.
I don't like rabbits digging in my garden and eating my veggies, but I'd never even think twice about killing them. I just fenced in my garden so they can't get in. Problem solved....
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