Robotic Ferret Sniffs Out Drugs, Weapons and Illegal Immigrants

Coming soon to a seaport near you: a robot dubbed the "cargo-screening ferret" that will detect drugs, weapons, explosives and even illegal immigrants hidden in cargo containers.

Recent advances in both laser and fibre optic technology now make it possible to detect tiny particles of different substances. The EPSRC-funded project team is developing sensors which incorporate these technologies and that are small enough to be carried on the 30cm-long robot, in order to detect the specific 'fingerprint' of illegal substances at much lower concentrations than is now possible.

When placed inside a steel freight container, the ferret will attach itself magnetically to the top, then automatically move around and seek out contraband, sending a steady stream of information back to its controller.


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The standard cargo container is 48ft long, 8ft tall and jam packed with boxes. So yes, attaching the robotic ferret to the top of the container(the only place where there is any room) and letting it move back and forth is more effective then unpacking the whole container.
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So opening the cargo container and introducing your robot ferret is more effective than looking around inside it with a flashlight while the door's open?

What's that unemployment statistic again?

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Dose wobots are taking ovur all uf our fewety-jobs~! De Ferret-bunny economy is gonna be hit hard by dis wun!
for chure!

Avid Neatowama weeder,
Ferretbunny de tird
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