Social Media Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram showing the psychological forces at work among users of social networking tools -- a new shirt from the comedy geniuses at Despair, Inc.


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It's odd how all of our newly discovered media quickly become conduits for one way conversations: radio, television, film. Talk radio is not about dialog but, as JP Sartre would probably dub it, INAUTHENTIC dialog.

Email is no longer a communication device but is rapidly becoming a one way advertising conduit. Snail mail has long been 100 advertisements for one personal letter from a friend.

Even the telephone is pulled in this direction by text messaging, recorded telephone messages, robotic help and quasi-human advertising pitches.

I suppose I could always return to Craigslist discussion forums.

Or just go to my local coffee shop and talk to people. The trouble is, I forgot how to drink coffee. But it looks pretty easy. I think could learn how to do that again.
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Foreigner1 - my tutor and I were wondering whether there was one. Neither of us knew, but we both had the same thought at the same idea.
Viewed from the Asperger's end, the obsessional aspect, the lack of empathy with the subject, the failure to grasp the social wrongness of it; all /could/ and I stress /could/ lead to there being a connection between Asperger's and stalking.

No evidence, was just wondering.
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@Skipweasel- Would you care to eleborate on the intersection of Asperger's and ...stalking....? That 's a new one that I haven't heard off before.

About this diagram- I know a few folks that will understand and like it...! :-D
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