Loving Day

In the not-too-distant past, it was against the law in many states for people of different races to marry. Richard and Mildred Loving got married in Washington, DC in 1958 and returned to their hometown in Virginia as criminals.
When they went to trial, the judge found them guilty and sentenced them to a jail term of one to three years. However, the judge told the Lovings that he would suspend the sentence if they agreed to leave Virginia for a period of twenty five years. Given the choice between imprisonment and banishment, they chose banishment. The Lovings moved to Washington, DC.

The Lovings filed a suit challenging the law. After a nine-year battle, on June 12, 1967, the US Supreme Court handed down a decision in the case of Loving vs. Virginia that did away with the remaining miscegenation laws. The Loving Day project promotes the celebration of this milestone on or around June 12th. Link -via Drug Monkey

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It's funny: the same folks who most enthusiastically worship at the altar of the mandatory state religion ("diversity") cannot imagine anybody wanting to preserve it.
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I'm married to a man who's filipino & we still get weird looks, the double takes from folks in Seattle. The city isn't as diverse as they say it is.
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Funny story.

Back during my photographer days, I did a lesbian wedding. There was great confusion as everyone tried to line up the bridal party by gender for pictures... "Line up boy-girl, boy-girl!", as everyone swirled around aimlessly.

Finally I stepped in and bellowed, "Line up! Tuxedo-dress, tuxedo-dress!", and the couples fell neatly into place for my photos.
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