Cutting Edge Weapons: 10 Unusual Knives, Swords and Blades

Whether we like it or not, weapons play a pivotal role in human history. Most of them are simple and ruthlessly practical, whereas others evolved to become highly ornate, to the point that they could no longer be used as actual weapons but as ceremonial pieces instead.

Socyberty has an interesting post about the 10 most unusual blades (including knives and swords) from around the world. Take, for example, the katar shown to the left:

The Katar, shown in the introduction, is a short punching sword from India. The hand fitted into the grip so that the blade was above the knuckles. It was a weapon used by the Rajput, referred to as “the most valiant warriors of the Indian sub continent.”

Used in close combat the blades were said to be able to punch through armour.


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i have one from my father's collection. he bought the first one home from a chicago flea market, but had no idea how to hold it. i was 10 and picked it up as it was designed to be! he was to joyed with me! they are also to cur the under belly of elephants by legend. if you go to a show and one is one a table--ask for the price by name--the dealer will be impressed by you! many new ones flooding the market these days.
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In Portland, OR @ the art museum is a pair of chopsticks that were carried by Japanese women in case they were attacked, they could slip off a cover that concealed a knife so they could kill themselves. Bizarre.
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