Hammer Pants Flash Mob

One minute you're shopping for skinny jeans in a trendy hipster store and the next, you're in the midst of a flashmob wearing Hammer Pants, dancing to U Can't Touch This.

Sure, it's a viral for A&E's Hammertime, a documentary about the rise and fall of MC Hammer, but it's worth watching if only for the old bald dude in suit & Hammer pants gettin' down @1:25.

Link [embedded YouTube clip]

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HEY! I am in Australia and we have just got this Dance Machine show.

The old guy that is dancing in it! IS IT the guy from the Hammer Dance Flash MOb? What a legend this dude is!!

And ps. This is the top video in my You Tube Favourites!
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@Roxanne- I once heard a sociologist explain that in the Western World modern day culture is such that people have learnt to respect performances and to observe them from a safe distance, preferably with a physical divide- stage versus seats. Also grown up people have a strong sense of "the world as it should be"- If something happens that does not fit that normality- people doe not really know how to react. And then there is the reflex that if something invasive happens, people retreat rather than to act upon that happening. Those 2 combined makes that people rather would call the cops than that they would appreciate what happens or even participate... I aplaud you for asking that first question. That means that you 2 are able to thing outside the box and that you by definition are not afraid of all the invasive unknown.
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WHY oh why didn't the shoppers join in and start dancing themselves? Is anyone else wondering this? Are people that rigid? My girlfriend (yes people we're gay) saw the video with me and that was her first question! She would have started dancing too...
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