The Astounding World of the Future

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Voted Best Short Film at the New York Comedy Festival, a tongue-in-cheek look at the thin line between Utopia and dystopia.

- via buzzfeed

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Minnesotastan.

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I can remember a time when we were told that in the Year Two-Thousand, we effectively would live in a Jetson-style world. But as this magical Year came near, we only got the upcoming Doom of the Y2K-Bug that would Rrrrip through our electronized world and destroy us all. Our military even was put on High Alert and rather short after that we got 9/11. And in the meantime we got Bush-Jr, Osama, Balkenende, Berlusconi and a climate-disaster that still is getting worse and worse. And by now, the US-car-industry has gone Bust with countless joblosses, a larger than life housing-crisis and a foodproblem mainly because of obesity prevalences of at least 20% in the US. So we're also changing into the humans as portrayed in WALL-e and we're by now well on our way to make our planet uninhabitable with most animals on it labelled "Extinct".

Yesss- Take those Space Age Pills and Be Happy, 'cause This Is That Future...! :-)
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I grew up reading a ton of old school sci-fi so this is particularly profound and funny to me. It's probably why I switched to the high tech and low life of cyberpunk stories.
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"The Astounding World of the Future"

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