Reznor Helps Transplant Patient

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is doing something special during the band's final tour. By offering special concert packages and encouraging donations, they have raised over $850,000 to help Eric De La Cruz get heart transplant.
De La Cruz was turned down from transplant lists because of the lack of transplant centers in Nevada. Reznor became aware of his situation after De La Cruz's sister, former news anchor Veronica De La Cruz, began a fundraising campaign on her website. The campaign is as much to raise money for Eric as it is to raise awareness of Nevada's limited transplant opportunities, and to petition Senator Harry Reid and other Congress members for improved legislation.

Link to story. to donation information. -via reddit

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call me a cynic, but I can't help but think so many people who have continually tweeted and blogged the eric story are simply riding a publicity bandwagon. don't get me wrong, I think it is amazing that people were able to come together to save a life (potentially), but, it really seemed as though many twits were rather self-serving in their involvement. :(
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Here in the US, even if you have lots of $$ it does not guarantee a heart transplant. There is a Transplant Board for ALL transplants that approves transplants based upon donor match, age, health of recipient, other life-threatening disorders, risk for postoperative complications, etc. These factors come BEFORE cost of transplants. A doctor and hospital will NOT do a transplant unless success is most likely. After reading about this patient Eric, it is unlikely he will receive a transplant due to his health being too far gone. So, this fund raising drive is very self serving first to Reznor and second to the patient's family. What happens to the funds if he dies before or immediately after a transplant? That is the BIG question.
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Thank you for explaining Miss cellania. Its only im not used to this: here they base the priority of transplants on medical reasons, not economical.
Awful system, if i may say so.
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funny thing is that Reznor probably could have paid for the transplant in full without any fund raising. It'd be more newsworthy if Reznor had done that.
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