Terminator Timeline

Now that Terminator Salvation is in theaters, Cracked has attempted to create a timeline that explains how the various time-travel plots work. Some things to remember:

1. Time travel in a Terminator movie is like plumbing in a porno: a very loose excuse to get to the action.
2. Anyone expecting accuracy is missing the point (and having much less fun than everyone else).
3. With that said, here is our attempt to construct a sensible time line of the franchise.

Note: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is not included in this project. Link -via Digg

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I wonder if Kyle Reese did not exist,how John Connor going to exist?If everything begin just Sarah Connor without Kyle Reese and the terminator that send back from future,what will happen?Who was John Connor's true father?Or these terminator war were just a recycle?Will there be terminator 5 after this?The beginning still a puzzles...What is the truth of the beginning?I expect more than this...
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Doesn't include the Terminator attraction in Universal Studios Florida which is considered by James Cameron to be part of the line. Not sure how it would fit though as Skynet is destroyed in that one. Hmm.

Need fast cash? make a new timeline!
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