Personal Trainer's New Year's Resolution: Get Fat!

Most people's New Year's resolutions usually involve losing weight, but Australian underwear model and personal trainer Paul "PJ" James's was the exact opposite: he wanted to become fat to better understand his obese gym clients!

Matt Johnston of the Herald Sun has the story:

PJ, 32, has already gone from 80kg to 100kg since making his New Year resolution to boost his flab.

"I have always found it easy to tell clients what to do to lose weight, but it's hard to tell where a client is coming from and how they are feeling," he said.

"There are health risks, I won't shy away from that. But I'm trying to do it as responsibly as possible, with regular blood pressure and health checks."

He said his body had tried to reject the fat at first, but he had worked hard to make sure he stacked on the kilos, and was now starting to notice people looking at him differently.

"Especially when I'm trying to train clients and they are doing sit-ups and I'm standing there with a massive gut," he said.

"My gut is pretty big. That's where most of the weight seems to be going."

Link (Photo: Rebecca Michael) | More pics at Australia-Bodybuilding Blog

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people who are physically fit most of their lives have a much easier time returning to it after putting on weight, compared to people who were overweight their whole lives. (And I say that from a mechanical standpoint, not just from a 'habits' standpoint). This has been shown to be pretty much true... In fact, it's a 'trick' many diet and exercise products marketing use... The 'before' and 'after' pictures of people (that are genuine) for such products are like the guy above... fit most of their life, then they put on extra weight, take a 'before' pic, then easily get back to 'normal for their 'after' pic.
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This reminds me of those stupid "reporters" or whoever else who put on fatsuits and use makeup to make them look fat, and then go out in to the public to get reactions and then get all upset and start spewing off how they know what it's like now.
Complete BS.
He's still not going to know what it's like for a normal average joe/jane b/c he still has that bodybuilder mentallity. That's not all of a sudden going to go away just b/c he's gaining weight.
HE will be able to work it off in no time b/c he was used to eating right, used to working out on a regular basis.
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No doubt he's fishing for a reality tv series or some sort of blog that will make him 'famous,' and since he's got this media attention, his plan is already underway. Plus it's an excuse for him to pig out and get fat. That is what happens when you go on extreme diets and exercises for too long. Just another person looking for their fame.
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What is neat about a publicity hound for his own business? Also the Herald Sun has less credibility than the DailyFail. As the sticker goes "Is that the truth or did you read it in the Herald Sun".
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