No kittens were harmed in this recreation of the carnival game Whack-A-Mole. This is almost as cute as the Whack-A-Mouse game we posted previously! Link

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Dear Jake Klerteon,

Have you ever had any kittens? They play extremely rough with each other while this video demonstrated nothing but gentle fun that the babes seemed to enjoy. The world has enough humorless twits without you chiming in. I hope you get a lawyer and lose your life savings pursuing what anY court in the world would see as harmless fun. I am sure you can find some shylock that will be only to happy to relieve you of all the cash he possibly can. Get a life!
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This is very cruel, the kittens aren't toys. I'm going to seek a lawyer about this issue. I just can't believe anyone would do such a thing. And they say that the kittens like it that's outrageous. Why would anyone allow this to go on?
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Whomever came up with this is highly retarded, insensitive and generally moronic. There's enough cruelty to animals the world over, without a video giving ideas to whackos out there. Yeah, that's an idea though, how about a "Whack-A-Whacko" video
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