How Long Do Animals Live?

The folks at Did You Know? have compiled a long list of average life expectancies of many, many animals. Including everything from ants (1-3yrs) to humans (70-80yrs) to the Galapagos land tortoise (193yrs!) Get ready to spend some time going through the list, with some surprising lifespans!


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Many species will have a very different life spans in the wild vs in captivity.
Perhaps the list should have focused on maximums or realistic life expectancies in the wild.
Also, the figure for the Galapagos land tortoise can't possibly be accurate if it's an average considering that the majority of hatchlings don't even make it past infancy. These wouldn't be considered outliers either considering that most hatchlings will meet this fate (poor babies). The same goes with many of the species mentioned.
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Keep in mind that they are claiming that these figures are "averages", meaning that there are a wide range of figures ABOVE and below these numbers.

Seriously, I'm retarded when it comes to math, and I noticed this.

Neat-O - when you post stuff like this, it makes you look stupid, too.
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*snort* this is supposedly the "average lifespan" of these animals. A carp is listed as 100 year average lifespan. Hmmm. Strange that this page says The usual longevity of the carp is 9–15 years; maximum observed longevity is 47 years.

Even more ridiculous. How about the purported 102 year average of the swan?
well, rather than 102 you ought to think seven. Yes, seven years

the original article is a little bit "fact light" eh?
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