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There's something very wrong with this kitchen
I can't believe we nearly bought this! A chilling tale of horror for house hunters.

Russian female enjoying an AK-47
I hope everyone was wearing their Kevlar vests - these guns have a bit of a kick to them.

Andy Warhol uses an Amiga 1000 to 'paint' Debbie Harry, 1985
Weird to think that the era of Andy Warhol intersected with the computer mouse - and he even seems fairly adept with it.

Monster Truck Does Quite Impressive Backflip
And unlike most monster truck flips - I think this one was even on purpose.

Frog escapes from snake after being almost completely ingested
A snake has just about swallowed an entire frog when suddenly the frog decides to fight back and eventually escapes up and out of the snake’s stomach. Score one for amphibians!


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"Duck it's a Russian blonde !"

That's so funny. Unsupervised people with guns. Where's the dead kid ?

What isn't wrong with this horrible video? The guy filming it violates every intelligent range rule and deserves a few rounds in the sack !
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I like how, in the monster truck video, there's a random white box on the ground that says simply "PIZZA."

This stunt brought to you by Pizza! Pizza: all your favorite meals...but on BREAD! This message was paid for by the Pizza Council and the National Pizza Association who encourage you to eat responsibly. Don't pizza and drive.
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The frog/snake one just made me angry.
If idiot cameraman knew how to use the freakin ZOOM on his camera instead of hitting the snake over the head with it, frog would've been dinner.
But b/c this moron wanted to screw with things, the snake went in to the pond and had to release the frog. The frog wasn't fighting back at all.
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