The Silliest of Eurovision 2009

I just experienced 20 minutes of inexplicable joy reading about and watching videos for The Guardian's picks of the silliest Eurovision entries of 2009. The video above is the entry from the Czech Republic. [The Guardian]

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greece forever, sakis rouvas and FILOTIMO!!!!!i hope you understood what it means!!!i 've got nothing else to say... not to forget to teach norweans how to behave!! you are awful!! alexander is the lord of awful guys...i wish eurovision in norway to be the worst of all times!! bye bye cold people!!!!!! :-D :-> i hate you...... :-D
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) u alexander!!!you know what norwean guys???sakis had to be the winner!but this comoetition is not fair!norway 's song was awful and please teach alexander how to behave and tell him to remember that sakis has katia the top model to be his wife!!what the hell does alexander have?oh!!!i forgot!!he has the girl that left him and got married with anither guy.....!! :-> after i saw alexander i had no reason to wonder about the reason why the girl left him!not only his appearence is awful, but also he is bad-temberred!! i hate you alexander....if you want to be loved from greek guys learn to have "filotimo!" this word does not exist in any other language but just in greek.. if you have "filotimo" it means that you know how to make people love you and be well-behaved.. and also to recognise people that love you and try to give them more things than what they give are too cold norweans....just like the climate of your country!
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The Eurovision Songfestival is Camp, Fake, Bizarre, a thing on its own that seems to exist outside the dimensions and reality of life itself. At one time it was created to encourage cultural unity in Europe, but it has grown straight outside European culture. It does not represent Europe- Okay- if you think Europe is weird, then it does represent Europe. But it even has contestants from outside Europe and it is also seen outside europe. So why they call it Euro - vision is beyond me. It is viewed by lots of people, yet it has a kind of songs and a form of presentation that you will see nowhere else.

Peace- Frieden Shalom Paix and we all go to liev toegether in funny costumes laaalala!
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