High Rise Escape Systems

In any building, it's always good to know how you're going to get out in case of an emergency. As we all know now, it's not always easy in a skyscraper, or even a building with a few floors. Several innovative systems have been developed for these events, including the Evacuchute, a parachute designed to be used for jumping out of tall buildings. See it in action as well as some other ideas in The World Of High Rise Office Escape Systems. Link -Thanks, David!

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My comments were based on 30+ years of firefighting experience. It's interesting to see imagination at work and I didn't mean to disparage the content. My training tells me to plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Plus, I got a chuckle over dozens of parachutists landing on top of the firefighters responding to take care of their fire!
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So, they're basically BASE jumping?

In a dangerous situation, people screaming, fires, black smoke filling the room I doubt any novice is going to be able to jump without simply crashing to the street below - that's if they even get the thing on.
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