Goodbye Waffle Maker: Megan Deal is Selling Everything to Move to Greensboro, Alabama

Graphic designer and writer Megan Deal is moving to Greensboro, Alabama to build a design lab for young designers in Hale County, one of the poorest places in the United States. In preparation, Megan is selling everything that she owns at her project website,

This site is one part stoop sale and one part personal experiment. The idea was born during the March 2009 session of Project M in Belfast Maine, where 12 people sat crammed around a corner booth at Rollies, fueled by rounds of Guinness and Leinenkugels. By ridding myself of these possessions, I aim to both lighten my travel load and remove the obtrusive clutter from my everyday life. Questions, comments, and/or suggestions regarding this project or M Lab are welcome and appreciated.

Link - via swissmiss

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To kevin b.
All I said was that the idea was not new. It's the same idea. Sell all your stuff. Of course she's a different human being, I think everyone gets that. I just don't think it should be passed off as unique that's all. I did wish her luck, geeez.
And I have no idea what that last sentence is supposed to mean but I guess that's because I'm one of the uneducated masses... being stupified... within a stagnant...
yeah, whatever, dude.
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well you see Ted, what you don't understand is that YOU have to make sense. Its not already made for you. I mean, you can read up on all of the sense makers of the world, but to be honest, it won't be of much help to you. There are so many empty minded designers and people that lack intention and direction it is ridiculous, and thank god megan is not one of them. Design deserves substance, and for some people, that's a serious matter. And from the looks of it, Megan seeks to design beyond car wash signs and corporate identities.

And to Julie, this has not been done before. Megan is a completely different person with her own intentions and self discovery. Your lack of sensitivity to circumstance, context, and intention is outright embarrassing. Leave generalizations for the uneducated masses that you intend to stupify within a stagnant state of mind.
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To all those haters. I think you are missing the point of the site. It is NOT to make money or profit from her modest possessions but rather to "immerse" herself into the community and live a simple, product free life for a year. Donate and shut your pie holes.
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