Giant Spiders Invade Outback Town

Bowen, Australia, a town about 700 miles from Brisbane, is seeing in influx of eastern tarantulas, also known as "bird-eating spiders". Dozens of spiders have crawled out of gardens and have made their way into public areas of the town.
While not deadly like other Australian spiders, the eastern tarantulas are venomous and can grow up to 6cm (2.4in) long with a leg span of 16cm (6.3in). Despite their common name, they do not eat birds, but can kill a dog with one bite, and make a human very sick.

They are also known as whistling or barking spiders for the hissing noise they emit when they are disturbed or aggravated at close range.

Audy Geiszler, who runs a local pest control service, caught one this week that more than covered his hand after he killed it.
“I think I’m going to mount this one in acrylic to show people how big it is. It’ll make a great paperweight.”

Link -via Arbroath

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spiders dude...the fact that picture showed up on the main well as the fact that right before coming to neatorama, my roommate decided to torture me with this and other spider related news...i think i might die...they will kill off humans...and while these articles may not be true (god hope they aren't) is a link (from the horrible roommate) that makes me want to die:

and on the more tabloidish side:
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Kill it with fire.

Also, Nick: after strenuous research (read: 5 minutes of googling), it would seem that there are a few reports of barking spiders being able to kill german shepherds. In a human, it seems to be able to make someone physically ill for several hours, so in a smaller mammal, I don't see why it couldn't do a lot more.

I dunno. I'm no expert, and as cool as Australia is, it seems like everything there is trying to kill you. Love to visit one day, but damn the wildlife.

Kill it with fire.
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Its a media beatup!

And I quote:

"Mr Geiszler laughed off the coverage this morning, telling it had been "blown out of all proportion and massively sensationalised."

"There have been no more than 10 sightings of these spiders here," Mr Geiszler said.

"There is definitely not an invasion or a plague or anything like that.

"It is unusual only because they are not seen very often. They are quite shy and don't come into contact with humans very often.""
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