Success is the Best Revenge

When Pooja Chopra was an infant, her father ordered her mother Neera to kill her. Instead, Neera left her home and husband with her two daughters and never looked back. The baby girl, who might have never seen her first birthday, won the Miss India World pageant last month.
“When my mum walked out on my dad, she said to him, ‘One day this girl will make me proud’. All my life I’ve wanted my mum to be proud of the decision that she chose me,” Pooja said last week.

Neera has been thrust into the limelight by her daughter’s success. She has been dubbed Mother India and has already been approached by one Bollywood director who wants to film her story.

Pooja Chopra's father remarried and never supported his first two daughters. Chopra has become a symbol of the campaign to end the preference for boys over girls in India. Link -via Arbroath

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i don't recall anyone ever jumping up and down, pumping their fist in the air, asking for high-fives and saying that abortion was awesome and every woman should do it.
you're a complete idiot (if you are indeed not a troll) if you think that abortion is an easy choice- even for the so called "frivolous women" who "use them as their method of birth control".
and as for "having to pay for the rest of your life"- it's none of your business what an individual chooses or goes through in life. and since i'm pretty sure you're not psychic and will never know the best outcome for everyone- maybe you should be a little bit more compassionate. the fact is that everyone has difficult choices to make that may not fall in line with what you might do given the same situation- but most people do the best they can with what they have at the time.
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This is like a bad Lifetime movie. MEN BAD!!! WOMEN GOOD!!! NO MATTER WHAT WOMAN DO, WOMAN GOOD!!! The father wanted the child destroyed after it was born. I agree he is bad. So, if the MOTHER wanted to abort her child (a month earlier, still inside her) then she is GOOD!!! It's HER choice, she is GOOD!!! Thank you, I will be communing with other likewise pro-life troll dolls. You can slice this anyway you want, tell yourself stories to make yourself feel better, rationalize till your hair falls out, but at the end of the day, if you abort, you have to pay for it the rest of your life.
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I can't claim to understand the value in beauty pageants, but I think there is very real value that may come from her winning this contest. She was unwanted as a baby due to her gender, but by winning a national contest (any contest) she will hopefully further the cause of other young women who might not have been wanted.

Yes, it was a just beauty contest, but it is prestigious nonetheless and hopefully changes some of the gender based perceptions in her society.
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Sorry, I missed what type of cancer she found a cure for...?

mikos, so what's it called when you accuse someone of trolling, who states their opinion, albeit a controversial one, in an appropriate post?

I'm more in the middle. I don't think women should get abortions for frivolous reasons, but I think they should have the ability to get them. If this couple had the opportunity abort their child based on its sex, then that would be as wrong to me as killing her after birth. CFME blames the mother before birth, which is incorrect, since the husband would have made that choice for her, if he could have. That's why the woman left. Choosing boys over girls is a cultural bias, and not a matter of women's rights.
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