When Technology Is Good Enough

I think this is as close to a nightmare scenario to computer companies and gadget makers everywhere: not that their new stuff aren't any good - it's that the old stuff are good enough so that except for hardcore enthusiasts, people just don't see any point in upgrading.

TechRadar UK explains:

The problem of 'good enough' is a huge headache for the tech industry. When your computer isn't good enough – when a slow processor, meagre memory and tiny hard disk struggle with even everyday tasks – you'll buy a better model as soon as it becomes available.

Now, though, the weakest link isn't your PC: it's you.

Will a 200-core processor make you type an email more quickly, make you work more productively or make your Facebook status updates any more amusing?

Link - via AQFL

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I'm glad someone else in the world is allowing logic to rule their descion making, not marketing campaigns. No you don't need to update a new PC every couple years. No you don't need a mac. I've had the exact same computer for the last 6 years. Bough for 400 bucks and haven't upgraded any of the hardware...no need. It still works fine, all the software has been updated and is current. I didn't have to do shit to it. I'm a graduate student who probably uses this computer more often and rigorously than I will ever have to use one ever again in the future. DUPED! you've all been duped in to consuming products that you don't need, so much so that your smug about your own ignorance. I can't wait for the spaceships to come and take you all away. Stange beings you people are.
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Well, I can't say so. Gamers, Photographers and Designers like to see some changes in their line. For eg. I been using a PC since 13 years, now I use a Mac. And my PC still has all the old versions though some open source stuff are always updated.
The software sometimes need not be updated but the Hardware surely does need to be updated to bridge the gap...
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One of the cool things you can do is find applications that were written (well) in C. Most modern apps are C++ or Java, etc., and they require a lot more horsepower to run at the same speed -- because these languages are loaded up with default memory management, huge and sluggish object libraries, and more.

But take an old (or new... there are some developers that still swear by it) C app and put it on a modern machine... and it will *fly*. Really, the speed of some of the better written applications on the newest hardware is quite astonishing.
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When starting data mining, the more power the better. Excel has now 1 million lines (vs 65000+) : business-wise, I don't miss the IBM XT.

@Sony: how can you create a backward incompatible PS3? That was one of the good reasons to switch from PS1 to PS2!
Anyway, I have a Wii now ;p
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