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Jughead's Hat

What do they call that weird cap with the ragged spikes and various decorations attached? You've seen it in old movies, TV shows, and advertisements. It's been called by many names: a fedora beanie, jagged beanies, Whoopee cap, palookaville caps, devils caps, clubhouse hats, and Kingpins. I'm Learning to Share takes a look at how the style developed in the early part of the 20th century. Link -via Metafilter

I've knitted a Jughead hat three times now and I always end up giving it away to someone that goes crazy for it when I wear it out for the first time. I have another one cast on but It's been sitting unworked for months.
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I really think it was an 'early 20th centuray' american thing. Like 1920-1960ish? I'm just guessing though (I was born late 1970s, but the Archie comics seems to be set in the 50s or 60s. Also, I thought that hat was exclusiveto Jughead).
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Wow. I always assumed it was a paper crown thing. I have never, ever seen a real-life analogue (or a picture thereof, nor any other cartoon/comic representation) before. I even do a fair amount of reading up on vintage fashions (admittedly mostly women's fashion, but still). =\
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I had always seen it in the Archie comics until I saw it on a Norman Rockwell print and wondered what kind of hat it was. Mystery solved.
Now someone needs to find out about that circle on Dagwood Bumstead's chest. Is it just a one button shirt or what?
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Thalia wears one of these in the first few episodes of "Maria la del Barrio", a telenovella.

And , no, I cant speak know why I watched it!
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I think originally they were felt hats modified by auto mechanic's to keep their hair out of their face when they were working,I've seen base ball caps worn by mechanics with the brim cut off, so that when you walk under the lift to change the oil etc,you dont catch the brim and knock your hat off all the time
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