The DMV Never Forgets ...

Fifteen-year-old Jesse Jakan passed the written exam and taken a driving course, so he was excited to get his driving permit ... except for one teeny tiny glitch: he caused a car accident when he was 6, and the DMV never forgets.

Jesse said the DMV asked him if he had ever driven before. He said "No." He said a DMV supervisor then told him he had a driving record and needed to have his license/permit reinstated.

"At the time, I was furious," said Chris Jakan, Jesse's dad. "I thought it was the most absurd thing I had ever heard."

When Jesse was 6 years old he was playing around in his mom's car and popped it out of gear. The car rolled down the driveway and crashed into another car.

"This is ridiculous. A 6-year-old should not be held accountable for his actions at that age," said Chris Jakan. "I am just wondering why a 6-year-old would have been ticketed for driving a car when he wasn't driving. He popped it out of gear by accident."

Link - Thanks Tiffany!

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Kids 15 & 16 should not be getting drivers' licenses.It is absurd that in some states, a 16 year-old can pilot a 2-ton vehicle at highway speeds but cannot legally consent to having sex. This license policy is a remnant of the 1920's 30's when teens were mature, & like my dad, had to work for a living. Today's teens are almost all idiots.
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I don't understand whether I'm supposed to be angry at the DMV because it is evil or happy about one less pasty manchild behind the wheel. That guy looks like a fetus.
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Who would issue a six year old a ticket in the first place? That makes as much sense as the Washington Nationals allowing a little league to pay a fine levied against one of their own players for being late to a game (I guess the $500 is supposed to make up for the fans that won't come to watch a 4-14 team).
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Hey, Rules are Rules! Where would we all end up if we would just go about and not follow them upto the very last letter...!?!

Red Tape Tiranny - That's what it is.
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"The DMV Never Forgets ..."

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