Goldilocks Gone Bad: Toddlers Ransacked Sleeping Neighbor's Home

When 2- and 3-year old toddlers John and Matthew Farrar disappeared from their home, neighbors and the police launched a frantic search.

Little did they know that the two were having the time of their young lives playing Goldilocks gone bad, ransacking a sleeping neighbor's home:

And while [Angie Lovorn] slept, the toddlers ransacked her cupboards, munching on Teddy Grahams, marshmallows and chips. [...]

“They even got on the top bunk," Lovorn said. "These items -- stuffed animals -- were on the top bunk."

From the looks of the house, the boys enjoyed their visit.

Link - Thanks Tiffany!

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When I opened the article and started reading it, I almost choked on my Sunchips. Anderson, SC is only 18 miles from where I grew up. It seems though that Anderson residents are often getting themselves in the national news. A couple years ago a man in Anderson was arrested for driving a Christmas parade float while drunk, Yahoo! even had the article on their homepage. Children from the local dance studio were on the float, so while it's pretty sad, noone was hurt, so I don't feel too bad for laughing.
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I notice the original's comments are full of "The should have been better supervised" and the like.

I presume they're written by people who've not had kids. Some kids are little angels who never put a foot wrong, some are little hellions who need a ball and chain. But, and it's a big but, you don't get to choose which the stork brings. You can try to bend them into a "proper" shape, but kids while very malleable in some respects can be amazingly resilient in others.
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