The Longest Way

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Christoph Rehage had a plan: to walk from Beijing, China to his home country Germany. In November, 2007, he started walking. A year later, he walked 4,646 km (2,887 mi) to  Ürümqi - and though he didn't complete his original route, the amazing journey had transformed him.

This is a time lapse of pictures taken through his trip. You can read more about Christoph's journey at his website, The Longest Way.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Christophe.

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Davel, you are a self aggrandizing, sarcastic wanker. Who gives a toss about your "high tech manufacturing company"? I notice you don't specify what 'high tech' thing you manufacture. If you're too ashamed to give what you make a name, then it sounds like bullshit to me. What Rehage did is inspiring on a level that your petty reductive worldview cannot comprehend. How patronizing of you to suggest that 'young people' should 'find themselves' before committing to a career. How original are you man? Oh goody, now I've got that young people thing out of my system, I can get a career! It's pricks like you give us old folks a bad name. But who knows, when the arse falls out of the vacuum cleaner fan belt market - or whatever the high tech crap it is you manufacture - maybe you will have time to stop & consider other people's contribution rather than pissing on their achievements. In the meantime, allez te faire foutre connard.
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I think the following "pic a day" vid pretty much says it all...

As for what I've done this year? I started a high tech manufacturing company in the US where all of our competitors are based in China since they've been outsourced over the past twenty years. Creating local jobs, products and services is a bit more complex (and less self serving) than just walking around.

Nothing against the guy. Young people should go out and see the world before committing to a career... although there's lots of ways to "find yourself" without going through a rite of passage of this magnitude. Anyway, I've just seen this meme so many times that it doesn't impress me anymore. *Yawn*
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trite [trahyt] –adjective, trit?er, trit?est.

1. lacking in freshness or effectiveness because of constant use or excessive repetition; hackneyed; stale: the trite phrases in his letter.

2. characterized by hackneyed expressions, ideas, etc.: The commencement address was trite and endlessly long.

3. Archaic. rubbed or worn by use.
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