Wombat Poo Paper

Those wily Tasmanians have hit upon a gem of an idea that lets them:

a) get rid of stuff no one wanted (i.e. wombat poo)
b) make lots of money doing it (make it into paper)
c) from people they don't like (tourists)

Creative Paper manager Darren Simpson says the manufacturing process can be rather unpleasant.

"When we are boiling it, it does smell horrific as you can imagine, but once it has been sterilised and rinsed properly there's no scent left to it. If anything it just gives you a nice organic smell," he said.

He added that it was the tourists themselves who came up with the wombat idea.

"As people were coming through and we were showing them the samples of our paper, they would throw questions at you like 'can you make it from sheep poo or can you make it from koalas?'. And the one that kept popping up more than any other was the wombat."


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Just one other thing. I don't know about wombat paper, but panda paper is expensive and very brightly colored. It's not white -- it's not for jotting down your weekly grocery list.

The only real use that comes to my mind for it might be for origami. If you're going to make complex works of origami art that you plan to keep for a long time, it makes little sense to use the cheapest, most ordinary paper you can buy.
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The zoo in Chiang Mai, Thailand sells paper made from panda excrement as well:


Why would anybody want it? Just for a souvenir, I guess. I didn't buy any, because I've already got enough touristy, uh, crap already.

As for whether it's environmentally-friendly, I can't say. It's billed that way of course, but it would seem to me that they'd have to use a lot of energy and harsh chemicals to sanitize it in the initial phases.
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Sure, but when the poo paper people get wind of your support of their product, they are going to be popping up everywhere providing it to the populous. Now wouldn't that smell pleasant?
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"And the one that kept popping up more than any other was the wombat."

And the one that kept pooping up more than any other was the wombat poo paper concern/lobby...
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