Snuggling with Puppy May Have Saved a Wandering Toddler

When 2-year-old toddler Nathaniel wandered away from his home, his mother Ashley Teafatiller and fellow searchers frantically looked for him ... thankfully the story has a happy ending, and an unlikely hero: Nathaniel's puppy Stanley who kept him warm (and probably alive) during the cold night:

About 150 searchers spread out look for Nathaniel, who had managed to walk more than a mile away from his home, Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield said.

By 11 p.m., a Toldeo firefighter with a portable infrared scanner spotted a heat signal that turned out to be the boy.

"They think Stanley is what kept him going because it was obviously really cold last night," said Teafatiller. Nathaniel was found laying on the cold ground with Stanley snuggled next to him. During his adventure, the boy stripped off his pants and diaper and was found in only a t-shirt and socks.

Link - Thanks Tiffany!

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I know no one will believe me, but something similar happened to me when I was 3. I somehow locked myself in the attached garage in the middle of a freezing night with only a diaper on. The family dog (Sadie) curled around me and kept me warm. My parents found me several hours later, shivering and with blue lips, but healthy and alive. :) I miss Sadie.
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Easy, he's two. My two-year-old would have his pants and diapers off in two seconds flat if we didn't watch him. Two-year-old boys defy the laws of gravity and common sense on a regular basis, taking off pants and diaper is nothing compared to what they're capable of.
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Ted, that line is from the video. The mom says it to the reporter.
Little imp probably doesn't even realize what he did wrong - thank goodness for that pooch!
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