Pit Bull Hatches Easter Chickies

Happy Easter everyone. For your viewing pleasure, here's an ultimately gentle pit bull with sweet little chicks.

Link Via Cute Overload

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Alex - A few years ago, a baby in my area was killed by a 4-pound Pomeranian that had never been socialized with children. I myself, working with dogs for years, have been bitten many times by dogs of all sizes and only ever required medical treatment for the Jack Russell bite (15 pound dog) that nearly lost me my hand. In contrast, the pit bull with the gangrenous leg and foot that was literally falling off only tried to push our hands away with his closed mouth after he slipped his muzzle while we were treating him.

There's no way to tell. The most important factor is an individual dog's level of bite inhibition, which, whatever the media would have you believe, has very little to do with breed. Also consider that the most common victim of dog bites are children by an overwhelming margin, and the difference between a 20-lb dog and a 70-lb one becomes pretty insignificant. A collie is still stronger than a child, and a chihuahua can kill a baby just as dead as a pit bull could. The difference is that people, thanks to media bias, assume all pit bulls are ticking-time-bomb dangerous, and therefore all other dogs are safe, and parents don't worry about supervising their friendly poodle around the baby. After all, poodles don't attack, right?
Oops. Okay, what about dachshunds? They're safe, right?
Oh. Well...cocker spaniels are friendly, right?
I could go on for hours.

I have to say I'm rather disappointed to see this entire discussion here. This is mental floss. I really expected a moderately educated response.

In any case, it's an adorable video, and this sort of nurturing behavior is extremely common with bully breeds. There's a reason pits are called nanny dogs.
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Any dog raised to fight will be mean tempered. Pit bulls are just the most commonly fought dogs, at least here in the US. I've seen many a pit that were perfectly well adjusted and never hurt a fly. They really are good-natured dogs. My friend had one that she raised from a puppy, and while it had amazing jaw strength (which it only used for tug-of-war), it also adopted a kitten which it raised. They were best friends (if you think that dogs are capable of friendship). I've never seen a chihuahua that I thought had anything close to a "friend". They may not be capable of much damage, but they tend to be mean as all hell.

Stop railing against the dogs, and start realizing that the problem is the owners.
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Kind of a misleading description. First the dog licked some eggs. Then some chicks, certainly not the ones from those eggs, are placed around his face. Hardly a "hatching."
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