The Neurology of Zombies

Dr. Steven Schlozman, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, will present a public lecture on the neuropsychology of zombies, as well as that of zombie attack survivors:

And that's the crux of one of Schlozman's arguments: The story changes as the situation grows grimmer. Here, the professor draws on "mirror neuron" theory, which holds that humans are hard-wired to reflect the psychological states of the people around them. (Show a test subject a short film of a face displaying disgust, or pleasure, and regions of the brain associated with those feelings activate in the subject.)

Unable to relate to the hordes of undead, the survivors in zombie films enter a spiral of despair, feeding off the panic and hopelessness of the uninfected people around them.

If you're in Boston on Monday night, check it out.

Link -- Thanks, Tom Jackson!

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I love zombies and would love to see more zombie-related items.
I see zombies as the human embodiment of commodfication whereas a friend of mine sees them as a denial of self-reflexivity.
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I wish I could be there.
As someone who loves being a zombie, I predict that ghouls will replace zombies.
Ghouls like the ones in the Omega Man with Charlton Heston. Ghouls that look like Edgar Winters.

Lols @ Patrick Henry "I hope to god they die out ..."
Just look out for the road signs warning you of "ZOMBIES AHEAD" and you should have no physical encounters.

Zombies as a part of pop culture have a resurgence every few years. They should be overshadowed shortly by vampires soon.
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